Next Disney Fairies Movie CONFIRMED!!

Fly with you all today! Sorry for my absence, real life (unfortunately) and all that. But what FLITTERIFIC NEWS I have! THERE WILL BE ANOTHER DISNEY FAIRIES FILM!! I stumbled on this post in the Pixie Hollow forums and it's confirmed there will be another Tinker Bell film, currently titled Tinker Bell And The Unknown Season (CLICK HERE TO SEE!) This news comes from a D23 2015 convention sheet detailing upcoming Disney animated films. The bad news, we have to wait till 2020. This confirms my belief the 7th and 8th films were canceled originally to start from scratch on a new Fairies film.

See what the power of faith, trust, and pixie dust has? Legend Of The NeverBeast was NOT the last Disney Fairies film, never fear! Expect an official announcement in August at the D23 convention! 5 years won't be so long, hopefully! Until then, fly with you all later!

Honesty and Life...

I haven't posted in a while. Life is hard to live sometimes when so much is happening. I must admit that there has been much discontent over the fact that Disney still has not replied to my requests for information about upcoming movies or interests. Still, though they may seem like rumors, some of the people I have spoken with have noted many offices cleared out from people who worked on the Fairies Franchise.

It's also tough when there is no back and forth from visitors. Do I ever think we will be as popular as EQD? No... but it would help to have votes, comments, submissions, etc...

Nevertheless...  I want to push on and I want to keep entertaining the folks who want information.  I just don't know if I can do it every day, which is tough since we are Pixie Hollow Daily.

My hope, after I work on taxes this weekend is to put a little work into the site and get some things set up the right way.  So I can continue to share information but do so reasonably that fits in with life and what there is out there.

Keep the faith my friends, and I will try to.  My love for the Fairies is true and still in my heart.

Until next time... Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust!

PS - Thank you Tessa for inspiring me!  :)

Zarina Plush Doll on sale at Disney Store

Ahoy, you biscuit-eating bilge rats! (I mean that in a nice way!) The Disney Store is having a (amazing!) sale on the Zarina 18" plush doll! Originally $19.99, you can now pick her up for a flitterific $3.99! This a great opportunity to grab Zarina and go on some flaptastic adventures in Pixie Hollow with this Pixie Dust alchemy/Pirate Fairy! What are ye waitin' fer, me hearties? Mine just arrived in the UPS, and she's even better in person! Now I'll sit her next to my Tinker Bell plush and the two can start doing some wild experiments with Pixie Dust. Click here to order yours now!

My next post I'll be talking about the Nintendo DS game, Disney Fairies: Tinker Bell! Keep an eye out for that next week! Until then, fly with you all later!

Pixie Hollow - Where are we going?

We are nearing the 2 month mark of PHD...  There's been a lot of fun so far and we have expanded some over this time.  The road is long and there is still so much to cover.  If we're going to make it, participation counts. Cast a vote, write a comment, e-mail us a link to your art, fanfic or what not.  Grow PHD into what you want it to be. Contribute and keep the fairy dust flowing.

Until tomorrow...  Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust!

Disney Fairies Easter Card

Walking through Wal*Mart the other day and came across this gem.  It's a Disney Fairies Easter Card with a cheesy, yet cool poster inside.

Head on down below the break to see the rest of it!

Drawing Tinkerbell Video

So as I was browsing Youtube, I came across some interesting videos of a guy who draws a lot of the Fairies and other Disney characters as well.  Not all of them are "great" but some do come out pretty cool.  Head on down below the break to see him Draw Tinkerbell!

Fairies Book Review: Fairy Haven And The Quest For The Wand

Fly with you all today! Welcome to another Fairies book review! Today we're taking a look at the second book in the Fairy Dust trilogy, Fairy Haven And The Quest For The Wand, written by Gail Carson Levine. I already reviewed the first book in the series, Fairy Dust And The Quest For The Egg, which can be found here:

Continue on below for the flitterific review! Some spoilers below, of course.